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Mary Miller volume of songs and music, circa 1845-1885.
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Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for voice and piano.
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This owner-bound volume belonged to a Mary Miller, Short Street, Balmain. There is a record of a WH Miller, painter and glazier, Short Street, Balmain in Sands Directory (1880). The music volume also contains the signature of an Aggie White (a relative of Mary's future husband?). There is a marriage between a Mary Miller and William White recorded in Balmain in 1883.
'M. Miller 13th Feb. 1880 Balmain' is written behind the title page of the first score.
'Aggie White' is written underneath the title 'Just before the battle'. Aggie White appears again towards the end under the title of 'The Highland Scottische'.
'Mary Miller' is written on the cover of 'The star spangled banner'.
Message written in top right hand corner of 'Here stands a post' mostly cut off, only words visible 'loving Pa'.
'Miss M. ...Short ... Balmain' written on top of score 'Very suspicious'. Trimmed off by binder. 'Miss Miller is written on top of the cover of 'The beggar girl'.
'Miss M. M...' trimmed off on the top of 'Sweet home ballad'.
M. Miller appears throughout the volume.
Some pages have been torn.
Provenance: Stewart Symonds sheet music collection.
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Sydney : [private collection]
45 scores (1 volume) ; 31cm.
D'Alcorn's Dance Album: Contents: Snow Drops- Piano Sketch. Daisy- Gavotte. Pansy- Polka. Woodbine- Valse. Tulip- Galop. Forget me not- Schottische. Hyacinth- Mazurka. Crocus- Quadrille/ R.W. Reynolds -- Grand Galop The Australian Eleven/ Walter J. Rice
-- The King Pippin Polka/ Charles D'Albert -- Two Easy Piano Forte Arrangements No. 1 Just Before the Battle Mother and No. 2 Just after the Battle Mother. Arranged with Easy Variations for the Piano Forte -- Rondinetto on The Star Spangled Banner/ Ferdinand Beyer -- Jessie's Dream, Or the Relief of Lucknow: a Descriptive Fantasia. Introducing the Siege, The Dream, The Rescue, composed & arranged for the Piano Forte/ John Blockely -- New Edition no. Osborne Quadrilles Composed in honour of the Birth-Day of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal/ Stephen Glover -- Sweethearts Waltz on Arthur Sullivans popular song/ Charles D'Albert -- Wapping Old Stairs The Favorite National Ballad/ John Percy --The Larboard Watch: Duett/ Thomas Williams, arr. John Blockley -- Popular Scotch Songs: What's A' The Steer, Kimmer. And Huntingtower -- The Maid of Kelvin Grove, Ballad -- E. J. Westrop and Andrew Park (lyricist) -- Here Stands a Post New patriotic Song/ W. C. Levey and Clement W. Scott (lyricist) -- Very Suspicious or Family Jars, comic duett sung by Miss Fanny Edwards and Mr. Harry Clifton, at his popular concerts in Great Britain and Ireland./ Harry Clifton, arr. M. Hobson -- The Beggar Girl/ Stephen Storace -- Sweet Home (No. 1 song, no.2 vocal duet, Sweet Home, Ballad)/ W. T. Wrighton -- The Barber's Apprentice Boy/ George Leybourne -- Eileen Alannah/ J. R. Thomas, E. S. Marble (Lyricist) --Who's That Tapping At The Garden Gate. Song)/ S. W. New, J. Loker (lyricist) -- The Faust Galop/ Charle Coote -- Christy's Minstrels Popular Songs For The Piano Forte, with Choruses. The Grave of Lily Dale./ William H. Currie -- Musical Bouquet The last Rose of Summer, Arranged for the Piano-Forte/ Ferdinand Beyer -- I'm Owre Young to Marry, Favourite Scotch Song with New Piano-Forte Accompaniment.-- Waly, Waly, Ancient Scotch Song, With New Piano Accompaniment -- My Jo Janet, Scotch Song, with new Piano-Forte Accompaniment/ Allan Ramsay -- Come Under my Plaidie/ Hector McNeil -- Wha Wadna Fecht For Charlie, Scotch Song, with new Piano-Forte accompaniment -- Hymn of the Morovian Nuns of Bethlehem, (U.S.) At The Consecration of Pulaski's Banner./ M Lindsay, H. W. Longfellow (lyricist) -- Thou Art Gone From My Gaze/ George Linley -- The Highland Schottische -- Musical Bouquet Songs of Scotland. Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon; & Last May A Braw Wooer- Popular Scotch Ballads -- Bonnie Dundee, Scotch Song, With New Symphonies and Accompaniments, the refrain harmonized for three voices. -- Sabbath Chimes/ Sophia Elizabeth Younge -- Operatic Gems No. 8 "Fra Diavolo" Falls of Ferni; No. 8 Fantasie sur Fra Diavolo D'Auber/ Felix Gantier -- Dead March in Saul by Handel as performed by the Military Bands at the Funeral of Wellington/ Handel, arr. Henry Farmer -- Lucrezia Borgia, no. 16 of Ferd. Beyer's Pianist's Library/ Ferdinand Beyer.
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