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Timber homes exhibition : 1938 / Timber Development Association of Victoria.
Author/s: Timber Development Association of Victoria.
Year: 1938.
Callno: 728.370994 TIM
Type: monograph
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22 timber homes plans : Sydney Sunday Telegraph designs
Author/s: Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, N.S.W.); Timber Development Association of Australia, issuing body.
Year: [1959]
Callno: stack plans 728.370994 SUN/59
Type: plan
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Your home : modern photographs and plans / Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd.
Author/s: Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society
Year: [1947?]
Callno: 728.370994 COL
Type: monograph
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The Australian Women's Weekly presents home plans / edited by Eve Gye [Variant title: Home plans]
Author/s: Gye, Eve; Australian Women's Weekly
Year: [1946]
Callno: 728.370994 HOM RB 728.370994 HOM stack 728.370994 HOM
Type: monograph
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Holiday homes : thirty five different designs / Grace Bros Home Plans Service in association with the Sunday Telegraph
Author/s: Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, N.S.W.); Grace Bros. Home Plans Service.
Year: 1956
Callno: stack plans 728.370994 GRA/56.2
Type: plan
87 practical home plans for 1987 [Variant title: Eighty seven practical home plans]
Author/s: Practical Home Plans
Year: 1987
Callno: 728.370994 PRA
Type: monograph
The 50 best practical homes for 1948
Year: 1948
Callno: 728.370994 FIF
Type: monograph
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Beaufort homes : individually styled modern designs [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Australia. Dept. of Aircraft Production. Beaufort Division
Year: [1946]
Callno: TC 728.370994 BEA
Type: trade catalogue
101 Australian homes / designed by John R. Brogan
Author/s: Brogan, John R.
Year: [1935]
Callno: 728.370994 BRO
Type: monograph
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