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Hugo Stossel collection : comprising photographs, photo albums, scrapbook and items of ephemera.
Author/s: Stossel, Hugo, 1905-2002.; Shalley, Peter, photographer.; Hart, Brian, photographer.; Dupain, Max, 1911-1992, photographer.; Dundas, Kerry, 1931-2010, photographer; Baglin, Douglass, 1926-2010, photographer.; Stroethoff, Pieter, c1932-2015 photographer.; Strasburger, H., photographer.; Phil Ward Studios.; F.C. Young & Richardson.; Glenn A. Keep Photography.; Gordon Sommers Photography.
Year: 1933-1984
Callno: CSL&RC MSS 2019/3 : Hugo Stossel
Type: archive
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Henry Kurzer, architect, collection : comprising photographs, student course work and items of ephemera.
Author/s: Kurzer, Henry, 1920-1992, architect.
Year: 1940-1976
Callno: CSL&RC MSS 2018/2
Type: archive
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