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Men queuing in lane, near the Auburn Hotel, 2 August 1952
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Men queuing in lane, near the Auburn Hotel, 2 August 1952
New South Wales. Police Dept.
Chalson, Eric Olaf, 1920-1969.
2 August 1952
cellulose negative: b&w ; 4 x 5 "
Envelope no. 52/1267, Subject: Toilet conditions at Auburn Hotel, Location: Queen Street, Auburn, Photographer: Chalson, Taken on: 2.8.52
Part of an archive of forensic photography created by the NSW Police between 1912 and 1964. This image of one of a series of 7 negatives contained in envelope no. 52/1267.
With the introduction of 6pm closing the phenomenon known as the 'six o'clock swill' emerged. Approximately 90% of beer was consumed between 5pm and 6pm in the frenzy of drinking that occurred before the pub closed.
Pubs were inundated with a rush of workers between the hours of 5pm and 6pm and people's desire to maintain a prime position at the bar led to stories of people urinating at the bar. Often people purchased multiple drinks for themselves at one time to save having to fight the crush and reach the bar.
Justice & Police Museum ; FP07_0173_006
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