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Elevation of the front of  Wesleyan Mission House Kornegalle 1821 / Robert Newstead
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Elevation of the front of Wesleyan Mission House Kornegalle 1821 / Robert Newstead
Newstead, Robert, 1789-1865.
1 drawing : pencil on paper ; 20.5 x 32 cm (half sheet size).
Titled, signed and dated below image: Elevation of the front of / Wesleyan Mission House Kornegalla 1821 / RN. Additional title in Tamil. On the verso is a 'Ground plan of the Kornegalle Mission House 1821 / RN'.
Robert Newstead was born in Norfolk, England, in 1789. He entered the Methodist ministery in 1815 and in 1816 was sent as a missionary to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), where he was stationed first at Negombo and later at Kornegalle (Kurunegala). He returned to England in 1825.
Newstead's drawing of the mission house at Kurunegala has elements numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 with a key to the left of the image: 1. Green Bank 2. Flower Bed 3. Portico 4. Steps 5. Veranda. The drawing occupies half of a sheet of paper that has been folded several times to fit into an envelope. The outer label reads: Ground Plan & Elevation of the Front of the Wesleyan Mission House at Kornegalle in the Kandian Provinces, for the Committee, from Robert Newstead, Nov. 2 1821. Another label reads: Newstead, Kornegalle / Oct. 20, 1821 / Quarterly Accounts/ Proposes for an Additional Missionary / Elevation & ground plan of Mission House in Kornegalle. The mission house was opened on 30 December 1821 and Newstead reported to London that the building had "been raised at a far less expense than could ever have been calculated upon, in so remote a situation; a large Mission-House and Chapel, with a terraced veranda, eighty feet long, with two ranges of detached offices, a large school-room, and a fine garden, well fenced, have been completed for a sum not exceeding 3300 rix-dollars."
The Wesleyan Mission was withdrawn from Kurunegala in 1829 and Newstead's mission house and chapel was sold in 1834 to the Government for use as a court house. [ref: Walter J T Small 'A history of the Methodist Church in Ceylon 1814-1964', Columbo, 1971; Wesleyan-Methodist magazine of the year 1822, p.739]

The Methodist Church, Overseas Division (Methodist Missionary Society); Christie's (London) Topographical Pictures 16 July 1993, lot 208; Caroline Simpson Collection, Clyde Bank, The Rocks, Sydney, 2001-2004.
Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection ; L2007/116_1a
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